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Plastic Measuring Cups
Generally used for measuring medication dosage, these eco- friendly and attractive plastic cups are designed carefully high quality plastic materials. Non toxic and crack resistant, these cups are well known in the market for their preicise design, high strength and long shelf life.

Plastic Measuring Spoons
Widely used for household purpose and medical purpose, these plastic measuring cups are 100% safe to human use and defect free. Light in weight and easy to hold, these spoons are generally used to measure the amount and dosage of medicines or various other products.

Vaginal Applicators
Looking for the premium quality applicators for applying or inserting medicines in vagina?  Check out these plastic applicators that are easy to use and 100% safe for human use. Free from toxins and defect free, these applicators will prevent you from various vaginal infections.
Plastic Droppers
Searching for the high quality droppers to give medicines to your kids? Have a look on these plastic droppers that are used to pour medicines to mouth. Easy to hold and convenient to use, these droppers are extremely light in weight and can be carried to your purse and bags.
Dropper Assembly
Looking for the premium quality dropper assembly for eye drops, nose drops and other medicines? Dont go anywhere and check out these dropper assemblies that are eco-friendly in nature and easy to use. Designed using high quality plastic materials, these droppers are available in different sizes and colors.
Dropper Bottles
Are you looking for the strong and flexible bottles for storing medicines? Check out these dropper bottles that are free from toxins and well known for its durability. Widely used for storing pain relief oil, perfumes and other essential oils, you can buy these droppers in different sizes.
Plastic Containers and Bottles
Ideal for storing shampoo, creams, oils and tablets, these eco-friendly and light weight pharmaceutical plastic containers can be availed at best prices. Well known for its prcised design, high strength and durability, offered containers are free from any kinds of toxics and safe to use.

Plastic Plugs
Preserve the properties of your medications by using these premium quality eco-friendly plastic plugs. Available in transparent color, these plugs also comes with center whole designs. Easy to use, offered plugs will keep your pills and medicines safe from dust, moisture and humidity.
Plastic Caps and Closures
Looking for the high quality caps for storing liquid medicines, shampoo, conditioner and hair oil? Check out these plastic caps that are extremely light weight and resistant to breakage. Widely used to preserve the fragrance and properties of the product, this cap will keep your product safe from leakage.
Thread Reels
Upgrade your sewing kit with our top-notch Thread Reels that guarantee hassle-free stitching sessions. Perfect for all skill levels, choose from our diverse range of colors and sizes to suit your specific needs.
Sleeve Packs
Sleeve Packs offer convenient packaging solutions, ideal for storing and displaying various compact and fragile items. Their durable material ensures protection from dust and damage, while the transparent sleeve design allows for easy identification of contents.
Oral Syringes
Oral Syringes are indispensable tools for precise and hygienic medication administration in healthcare settings. With their graduated markings and easy-to-use plungers, they provide accurate dosing for liquids or suspensions, ensuring patients receive the correct treatment.
Plastic Lid Covers
Plastic Lid Covers provide a simple yet effective solution for sealing containers, keeping contents fresh and secure. Whether for food storage or industrial use, their versatile design fits various container sizes, preventing spills and contamination.
Effervescent Tube
Effervescent Tubes offer a convenient and portable way to package and consume effervescent tablets or powders. Their compact size and secure sealing ensure freshness and ease of use while on the go, making them a popular choice for pharmaceutical and wellness brands.

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